Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Vision and Values

Our vision is as clear as our motto ‘Vincit qui se vincit’,“he who conquers himself, conquers all”. 

In finding ourselves and fulfilling our potential we contribute to a wider society with confidence and success. 

We provide a unique level of opportunity which allows every pupil to strive to achieve in all areas of academic and co-curricular life.  As pupils grow and mature at Lathallan, they finally leave us as confident, independent individuals, intent on becoming the very best that they possibly can be.

Our values underpin this:

  • At Lathallan we strive to encourage and nurture a culture of achievement in which individuals are given every opportunity to shine and be proud of their successes.
  • The individual is placed at the very heart of learning.  We can boast that every member of staff at our school knows every pupil by name and nature, and the reverse is true.  We endeavour to make our learning stimulating, exciting and fun!
  • We challenge our pupils, not only academically, but also in all areas of curricular life.  We encourage pupils to involve themselves in tasks, accept responsibility and step outside of their comfort zone.
  • Lathallan is an industrious and positive environment in which to live and we nurture an ethical community of shared values.  Every individual is made to feel an integral and special part of the school. We are proud that there is a very strong emphasis on respect and care for others, from both pupils and staff.

And our steadfast aims are:

  • To maintain and continue to build on outstanding pupil/teacher relationships
  • To deliver an inspiring, exciting and varied curriculum
  • To develop a clear record of individual development
  • To provide pupils with the space to grow and flourish both personally and socially
  • To be supportive and assist pupils as they embark on career choices and their future ambitions.
  • To promote and develop strong relations between the school and the wider community.
  • To encourage pupils to be innovative, enterprising and remarkable in their daily lives.
As you can see, Lathallan is different...why not visit us to find out more?