Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Kenny Hossick, Assistant Head, Senior School

Mr Kenny Hossick, Music and Assistant Head of Senior School

Mr Hossick knew from a young age that he wanted to a music teacher, and attended the old Northern College in Aberdeen to study for a music-teaching diploma.

Originally after graduating Mr Hossick worked at Aboyne Academy. “I think it was an excellent starting point,” recalls Mr Hossick. “They had a strong musical tradition at the school”.  Thereafter Mr Hossick moved to Torry Academy. In a career of nearly twenty years at the school he rose to become Head of Creative Arts as well as Depute Headmaster.

After many years experience of teaching music to young people, Mr Hossick recently moved to Lathallan School. “I’d visited the school before,” said Mr Hossick “and I felt that the pupils here have great potential musically. The fact that the school is growing all the time opens new opportunities to branch out and explore all aspects of music and drama with the pupils”.

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