Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Jonathan Mackel, ICT, Pastoral Care & Learning Supp

Jonathan Mackel BSc MSc PGCE - ICT, Pastoral Care and Learning Support

As one of the first graduates in web technology in 1998 he started his professional life as a self-employed developer and consultant. Being involved in a number of organisations voluntarily doing youth work, he understood that he would one day make the transition to becoming a full-time educator and began teaching Computing in his mid-twenties on the West coast of Scotland.

After 3 years in a residential school setting as the English teacher, within the Learning Support department, Mr Mackel then moved to Russia in 2007 to get married. “The experience gained working at the Embassy school (Anglo American School of Moscow) as an ICT teacher with Primary age pupils was invaluable.”

A return to the UK and Mr Mackel’s motherland, Aberdeenshire, meant that there was nowhere else to be other than Lathallan School.

“When I started at Lathallan in 2010 there were 44 pupils in the whole senior school. The roles of Learning Support and Pastoral Care have grown accordingly and I enjoy being an active part of such a dynamic family.”