Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Former Pupils

 Alastair Shepherd (1968-1973)
“I was at Lathallan between 1968 and 1973, the swansong of the Burton Years. The modern world did not intrude on Lathallan and short trousers, caps and a Molesworthian atmosphere prevailed. Radios were forbidden in case we were sullied by pop music but somehow every boy in the school knew on a Sunday if Slade got to Number One again! Boys occasionally escaped as far as Montrose Station. It was a friendly place and for most of us a home from home. It was an era of power cuts and postal strikes and one of my many fond memories of those days was listening to Mr Burton reading Sherlock Holmes stories by candlelight as we sat around the fire.”

Maarten de Boer (1987-1990)
Although I didn't pick up a camera until a few years after leaving Lathallan, I will say that Mr. Heslop was probably my biggest influence there.  I believe he taught wood-shop, geography, and art.  Not that I was aware of it at the time, but I firmly believe, that the journals I kept and all the nature drawings I made in his art class, was the foundation on how I see the world artistically today.

A few years ago I visited Lathallan.  It was amazing to see the school again. I remember my friends and all the greenery, the sports, the adventure of living there!"

Lucy Robb, (Class of 2005)
“I was very sad to leave Lathallan, I had been very happy there, there was a wonderful feeling of family and community. To go from a school with 100 pupils to one with over a 1,000 was very daunting. Lathallan gave me such a great start to my academic career and a real love of History (thank you Mr. Page for that!). I am now in my first year of the IB Diploma and hope to return to University in the UK to read History, I may then go on to study Law.”

"My time at Lathallan was so inspiring. Being a drummer in the school pipe band was something very special to me. Everywhere I go now, when I hear those same pipe tunes being played, it takes me back to my good old Lathallan days.

The memories I will value the most from my time there are the everyday lessons and rituals, having breakfast with my biggest family, games, tea, the teachers, prep in the evening and bed time with my friends.  They were the best days ever."

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