Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Lathallan Memories

Terms and phrases you might recall using!

  • Johnners—Residents of Johnshaven
  • Sunday/ Wednesday Tuck—an allocation of sweets which were the currency of the school
  • Cave— Latin for Watch out! Generally this meant a master was approaching!
  • Comic Kit—ordinary clothes! Mr Burton thought all boys should wear shorts and ties
  • Dead Dogs - tinned tomatoes and fried bread
  • Roman Roads - Rice Crispies & Chocolate with custard. Yum.
  • Ganges Mud and Frogspawn - Tapioca and Sago (or possibly the other way round)
  • The Other Side - probably the same today - always the side of the School you weren't at!
  • The Cresta Run - the drive when covered in snow and used for tobogganing.
  • Wally's Cave - A room occupied by a Latin master in the main building. He fought in the First World War like Mr Stott the Pipe Major who had gone over the top with the Gordons at the Battle of the Somme.
  • Goosegogs - Gooseberries, esp in Goosegog Jam. Yuk.
  • Coats, Caps and Wellingtons! - the dress order for a walk.
  • The Carp Shop - carpentry was taught here . Lots of wobbly tables.
  • Baron's Den - RB's flat in the castle.
  • "Quiz?" and the reply "Ego!" or if in doubt " Ego decent".
  • Early morning "Breathers" on the tarmac overlooking the gardens- taken by RB.