Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Activities at Lathallan Nursery

Our team of qualified and experienced staff plan the daily activities, which can be themed and topic based.

The playrooms are divided into areas where the children can concentrate on one activity at a time, for example:

Art and Craft Activities
Messy Play
Modelling and Construction
Cutting and Sticking
Quiet Area
Story Corner
Role Play Activities
Puzzles and Games
Matching and Sorting

We have a specialist music teacher who visits the nursery on a regular basis to sing songs with the children and introduce them to musical instruments. We also have from time to time visits by Lathallan School staff to talk or read stories.  Sometimes we introduce different subjects, like History or Science.

They are also introduced to French on a regular basis and are encouraged to use simple French words while going about their usual nursery activities.

There is a transition period where we take the children from pre-School to attend the class they will be moving to later that year.

The pre-school children experience drama related activities throughout the year.

We also produce two concerts a year in which all the children participate and visit during the school holiday’s places where there is a drama production the children can watch.

The pre-school children have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons once a week.

We provide breakfast, lunch and snack tea with all meals being freshly prepared by our cooks in the nursery kitchen.  We can accommodate any special dietary requirements where necessary.