Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Frequently asked questions about boarding life

To see the Lathallan School Boarding Leaflet click here.

What happens during the evenings?

On Monday and Wednesday, pupils have dinner at 5.30pm and then are engaged with activities run either in school or off-site. For example; going to the gym, Zumba, computer games club, fencing  and archery. As the Senior pupils approach their exams, subject teachers offer additional study.

What happens at the weekends?

Weekend activities are designed to meet the needs of the boarders. A weekly meeting is held with all of the boarders to allow feedback and plan upcoming activities.

We’re happy for boarders to spend their weekends with family and friends but we need a weeks notice from parents/guardians and again this should be acknowledged to parents/guardians before they leave school.

Is there a lights out time?

Lights out are as follows:
J5-6: 21.30
J7: 21.40
S1-2: 21.50
S3: 22.00
S4: 22.15
S5-6: 22.30

Extensions will be granted on request, but are behaviour and effort dependent.

What about if I run out of toiletries?

There is a shop in Johnshaven where personal hygiene products can be bought and on some weekends shopping trips are organised to Aberdeen.

Can I have my mobile phone?

All mobile devices are allowed, but are a pupil’s own responsibility.

Is there wifi?

Internet access is not possible in the dorms but is around most of the rest of the castle. Boarding pupils also have access to the library and IT suite.

Where will I study?

Boarders have access to the library and IT suite for study.

There are shared bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms, obviously single sex.

What about money?

There is an internal banking system, where money can be left with the Housemaster.

Can I keep some tuck somewhere?

Students can keep tuck in school . Boarders do have access to a kettle, fridge and toastie-maker in the boarders' common room.

Do I get a locker?

Boarders do have a locker. Just provide your own lock.

What about my dirty socks?

Laundry is done every evening Monday to Thursday for boarders. Boarders can do their own on the weekends if they wish.

Do I have to wear my uniform all the time?

Boarders may wear casual clothes after 17:00 during the week and all day on Saturday and Sunday unless there is an official school function on. There is no dress code as such for casual wear but if anything is in appropriate boarders will be asked to change and not wear it again.

What responsibilities or duties do boarders have?

Boarders have duties and responsibilities that vary depending on age. For example, two senior boarders are nominated by their peers to share the thoughts of the boarding house at regular weekly meetings with the boarding house team. All boarders have responsibility for their own dorm tidyness.

Who will I share with?

Dormitories are single gender and are allocated so that pupils share with others of a similar age.