Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Advantages of Boarding

Gone are the days of “sending children away”, especially at Lathallan, as we offer a range of boarding to suit every type of family.

With modern technology, boarding pupils are able to stay in touch with their family much more easily, and here at Lathallan parents are encouraged to attend games and concerts to see their children use their new skills in action.

Lathallan School is very experienced with boarding pupils, and here are some of the advantages that we have found over the years:

  • Boarding helps young people become more independent and self-reliant. This is particularly good for when the time comes to progress to university.
  • Gaining independence in a structured environment is beneficial for young people.
  • When boarding pupils are at home, time spent together as a family become real quality time, with everyone appreciating each other’s company more.
  • Boarding allows young people to broaden their horizons and mix with people of other ages and cultures.
  • Lathallan School offers a wide range of after school activities, and boarding students therefore get the full benefit of such a variety.