Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


New Pavilion

Lathallan School has invested in a new Pavilion, which was opened in October 2013.

The new Lathallan Sports Pavilion  has multiple uses, for the maximum benefit of the children of Lathallan, parents, visitors and the community. It supports sports activities in summer and winter, bringing shelter and warmth when needed, enabling hospitality and acting as the focal point to gather and meet and support the home and away teams.

Facilities within the pavilion include home and away changing facilities, a meeting room and associated amenities so that it can be used for Eco lessons, Sciences, Music, Art and many other educational activities.

The Sports Pavilion can benefit the greater community as the school plays host to a number of sporting and social events including cross-country meets, the annual Mini-Highland Games, archery competitions and the annual Rugby 7s Tournament, attended this year by over 500 people.