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Overseas pupils

Lathallan School prides itself on offering academic excellence, combined with a comprehensive all-round education. Lathallan School selects prospective pupils based on a young person’s skills and abilities; the School has to be satisfied that prospective pupils can benefit from a Lathallan School education. Although there is a selection process, the school will not discriminate against any applicant on grounds of gender, race, ethnicity or disability.

If you are a non-UK resident and would like your children to study at Lathallan School, the application process is as follows:

  • To initially express interest in Lathallan School you should make contact with the Head of Admissions and Marketing at Lathallan School. Her name is Miss Chantelle Robson and you can get in touch via email on or (+0044) 1561 362220.
  • Miss Robson will send you an application form and will be happy to answer any queries you may have about Lathallan School or the Scottish education system. Miss Robson will also confirm whether there is an available space for your child, as well as whether there is space in our boarding house.
  • If you wish to apply for a place at Lathallan School, the application form must be submitted to the Head of Admissions and Marketing along with:
    • Evidence of English if English is not your first language. This could be in the form of an IELTS exam, or similar. Contact the Admissions Office for further advice.
    • A reference from the child’s current school.
    • The child’s latest school report
  • A decision will be reached, based on the above evidence, by the Headmaster.
  • If successful a letter offering the child a place will be sent from the Admissions office. This can be used to help the visa process if the child is from outside the EEA.

All enquiries from students or agents relating to applications from the People’s Republic of China should be addressed to Mr. Michael Couch, Lathallan School’s representative for China at or phone 86 -10-52033401


所有有关中国学生的申请及咨询请直接联系学校中国区代表Michael Couch先生


电话: 0086-10-52033401