Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Choosing the right school

Deciding which school is right for your children is one of the most important decisions you’re likely to make as a parent.

Here at Lathallan School we appreciate that as a parent you will have many questions and expectations of what education you would like for your child.

We operate very much on an open-door policy, and look forward to welcoming you to the castle at any time throughout the year to meet with staff and get a feel for what makes Lathallan School quite so special.

Here are some questions and areas you may want to consider asking when viewing Lathallan School:

  • What are your first impression of both pupils and staff – do the children look happy and animated, and do staff interact well with pupils?
  • Is the curriculum broad?
  • What sort of extra activities can children take part in?
  • What size are the classes?
  • What are after-school and transport arrangements like?