Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Physical Education

Tutors Profile: Fiona Howie and Ross Horne

Within Physical Education we create an inclusive environment that’s supports every pupil’s participation in a wide range of activities including; Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Fitness Training, Football, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Social Dance and Yoga. The progressive and challenging programmes of work ensure our pupils have a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing and want to participate in physical activity outwith School, and into adult life.   

In addition to our extensive P.E. programme the School prides itself on giving pupils the opportunity to participate and represent the School in Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Cricket, Cross Country and Swimming. Fixtures support and enrich the curriculum there is an expectation of pupils to play when selected.

S3 and S4: National 5
Performance Skills: a one of performance will be used to asses pupils; skill repertoire, level of control and fluency, decision making, etiquette and control of emotions.

Factors Impacting on Performance: pupils will develop an in-depth understanding of the physical, social, mental and emotional factors that affect performance.

Progress in these units will be continually monitored through formative assessments. 

Assessment: Consists of two Components. Component 1 is a portfolio that is worth 40 marks. Evidence will be gathered and collated during the Factors Impacting Performance Unit. Component 2 is a practical performance in a single chosen activity. The performance will require planning, preparation and evaluation and will be worth 60 marks. 

S5 and S6: Higher
Performance: The course is based on practical work which is underpinned by theory. Pupils will have the opportunity to discuss which two activities they wish to be assessed in.

Analysis and Development of Performance: In this unit pupils will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to; prepare the body for sport, analyse and improve skill and implement structures and strategies. Pupils must pass a NAB in one of these areas before sitting the final examination. 

Assessment: Consists of two Components. Component 1 is a written exam which lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and is worth 60 marks. Component 2 is two performances which are internally assessed, each marked out of 20 and will be worth 40 marks.