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Pastoral Care

Lathallan takes its pastoral care responsibilities very seriously and prides itself on its warm and friendly environment. With our enviable student-to-tutor ratio, Lathallan is able to ensure that all pupils are known to staff and concerns are quickly observed and addressed by the pastoral care team. A dedicated care team consisting of Matrons, Housemaster and Head of Pastoral Care meets regularly to focus on welfare related issues for both day pupils and boarders. Most important within our flexible system is that the students know that there is always more than one tutor available to listen, advise and support, no matter what the problem is.

All children in the Junior school receive tailored Personal, Social and Health Education, suitable for their age. This also invloves having speakers in from various community groups, such as the Police, Fire Services and the RSPCA, thus underlining Lathallan's commitment to providing an all-round education, which helps encourages young people to take a pride in their local community.

The Junior School also work in their year groups to set targets every term, ranging from sporting achievements to every-day classroom organisation. This emphasises their autonomy, and helps every child develop into an independent learner.

All children in the Senior school have a tutor lesson, in order to develop time management skills, strategies for homework and target setting. This gives pupils a chance to have a look at their learning and identity the difficulties and strengths. Further to this they all receive Personal, Social and Health Education covering a wide variety of topics from Sexual Education to finding out about the World of work. This also involves having external speakers and working with other year groups to enhance their knowledge.

Our care and welfare is subject to inspection by the Care Inspectorate twice a year and we continue to receive excellent reports. These reports can be viewed on

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