Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School


Curriculum for Excellence

Lathallan School’s curriculum reflects the best parts of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, while our independence allows us to construct the curriculum to the best benefit of our pupils.

The Scottish Curriculum for Excellence provides a curricular guideline for schools in Scotland. Four ‘capacities’ were identified as a means to shape the curriculum, which would enable Scotland’s children to develop into well-rounded individuals, sure of their own skills and their place in society. If you would like further information on these guidelines and capacities, please visit their website on

At Lathallan School we have been helping the young people who pass through our gates develop these same skills, long before the introduction of the Curriculum for Excellence. Our ethos and aims for our children link well with the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence, however our independence means we can ‘cherry-pick’ the best elements of this framework.

This means that children who attend Lathallan School can be assured of the best of a dynamic, well-developed and intrinsically challenging curriculum, with a flexibility that allows teachers the scope to change the curriculum to ensure children can progress academically and develop their skills, ready to take the next step in their educational life.

Within a disciplined framework there is understanding and encouragement.  There is the recognition that participation and a degree of success, be it in the classroom, on the sports field or in any other area of a child’s education, leads to greater self-confidence, self-discipline and individual fulfilment.