Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School



At Lathallan we offer a careers programme tailored to the individual.

Our small numbers mean that everyone receives lots of careers advice and help with completing application forms, CVs and personal statements regardless of whether they leave in S4, S5 or S6. The Careers Department works in conjunction with ISCO to provide professional and detailed advice throughout their time in the Senior School.

The careers advice programme starts in S2, prior to the students making their decision for their S3 subject options and after the S2's have experienced all the subjects on offer in the senior school. S2's have the chance to discuss their ideas about future careers and suitable subjects to choose with their assigned tutor and with the Head of Careers or ISCO advisor if they choose.

In S3, careers advice is built into the PSHE programme - form tutors are often responsible for delivering these lessons but the Head of Careers is always available for more specific advice.

In S4, most students enroll in the Futurewise scheme which uses a selection of psychometric tests and individual careers interviews to provide them with a careers profile to help focus their research.

In the S5 and S6 scholar years, students receive a weekly careers lesson to help them explore their careers ideas. We invite in speakers from different industries and professions, universities, colleges and organisations coordinating GAP year projects. An immediate concern for the S6s (and some S5s) is to complete their personal statements for their University and College applications. The majority of S5s will be preparing application letters and CVs for a week of work experience after the summer exams. ISCO advisors are also available each term to provide specific advice and practice interviews to those that request this input.

At the end of their time at Lathallan, the Careers department works hard to ensure that every student has a destination to go to whether that is university, college, apprenticeship or straight into the workplace.