Boarding School, Scotland - Lathallan School



Often it is said that at Lathallan School we're lucky to have such a great team of staff.

Perhaps luck doesn't come in to it. It's no coincidence that our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated; rather it is the belief in the school ethos and passion for providing the very best for all our pupils that encourages our staff to be the best they can be.

The level of professionalism from all staff at Lathallan School is second-to-none. All staff, both teaching and support, genuinely want all of the pupils to enjoy, and flourish, during their time at school.

Our Senior Management team is made up of:

Mr Colin Christie, Lathallan Nursery Admin Manager

Mrs. Jackie Collins, Assistant Head of Junior School

Mrs. Val Corbett, Bursar

Mr James Ferrier, Head of Junior School

Mr Kenny Hossick, Assistant Head of Senior School

Mrs Janice Jarvie, Lathallan Nursery Manager

Mr Duncan Lyall, Head of Senior School

Mr Richard Toley, Headmaster