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The Lathallan Foundation

The Lathallan Foundation works with former pupils, parents and friends of Lathallan School to help us award bursaries to children who would benefit from an education at the school but who otherwise would not have the means to attend. The Foundation will also contribute to the development of the school in the future.

We want to ensure the future success of Lathallan and are very grateful for your help.

Foundations were built here at Lathallan School, friendships and memories have been made, skills and sports have been nurtured, lives have been shaped and influenced for the future.

There are significant numbers of children who would reap the rewards of the education and opportunity offered by Lathallan but cannot afford to come here and we would like them to have that chance. We do provide scholarships and bursaries at present but the School has no substantial foundation to fund such grants.

We aspire to the creation of a Foundation that would fund bursaries without reducing its capital. If we can fund one or more pupils we can give the gift of a Lathallan education to a talented youngster who would not otherwise get it.

You might be interested in a one-off gift, or you might be interested in regular giving, for example just 100 sponsors, at £20 a month, would contribute £24,000 to the fund.

We hope that everyone in the Lathallan community can feel they can become involved in some way whether through annual giving, donation, legacy or helping us involve more people in the school. Your support is greatly appreciated and demonstrates your confidence in Lathallan’s vision and success for the future.

Please feel free to contact ourselves with any questions, we would be delighted to meet with you.

Tel: 01561 362220